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Microformats used around here

Building the website I had the concern of figuring out which – if any – microformats would apply, and with the fantastic help of I came up with only a few. Obviously, since i have tags i would need to have rel-tag implemented. Also, I was going to have links to other blogs, so XFN seemed like a must.

But before i went ahead and implemented these, I had a question.

What will I win with all this?

The question wasn't too hard to answer.
First, I would have a more semantic website on my hands, and that can't be bad, right? ;) Second, since there are some cool guys out there who have built sites like and the well known, these microformats became even more relevant.

  • [rubhub] lets you submit your website and then they crawl it to find out the XFN connections you might have. It then displays your connections and which websites are pointing towards you.
  • [technorati]Technorati needs no introduction, i think. It lets you claim your blog and then if you include the rel-tag, your post can be found in searches for the tags of that post.

Now that I come to think about it, I still need to implement technorati's XML-RPC ping, so that they take notice of every post I make... From what they say on their page, it shouldn't be too hard. :)

Microformats are a wonderful thing, specially when there are tools –like these two I've mentioned – to make a good use of them. I'm sure there are other tools similar to these out there – if you know any, please leave the link in a comment, thanks ;) – that may convince me to adopt other formats.

I am considering to adopt the h-Review for reviewing both movies and albums, but I still need to study it a bit more.

So, anyone reading this who uses any microformats / formats x 10-6 / µ-formats, and wants to share their views? I'd be glad to hear them. :) Maybe I can adopt some of the ones you use myself.

You can read more about these at A splendind website with a lovely design by Simplebits.


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