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SAPO Sessions #2: Javascript Done Right (video)

As some of you might have heard already, SAPO is doing a series of talks on interesting subjects and have dubbed such events as SAPO Sessions. As part of my newly acquired job functions, I gave a talk a few weeks ago entitled Javascript Done Right. Although the title is a bit cocky, I did try to share a few concepts that, if taken seriously, can make the web a little better for all of us, the users.

I talked about progressive enhancement [] and how writing unobtrusive javascript can help you enhance your websites without creating barriers for your users, in terms of both usability and acessibility.

If the previous paragraph spiked your interest, then go ahead and watch the video. I do apologize for sounding so arrogant at times, but I hope you bear with me 'til the end.

I know I should have written this post in Portuguese, but I'm not mixing up languages until I have setup a proper language filter on the blog. Either that or a separate blog written in Portuguese... Anyway, moving on.



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