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Happy Geek Festivities!!

It's right around the corner! A once in a lifetime event! Actually, it won't happen again!!! The UNIX timestamp is approaching yet another landmark. It will be 1234567890 seconds counting from midnight 1st January 1970 aka UNIX Epoch!!

And check this out... our good friend Gamboa threw us a webparty! Let's all open our browsers during this historical event and party on!

He has built a countdown timer that will throw a bunch of fireworks when the time comes... and it will log everyone who's viewing any page that includes his tiny javascript counter! He'll publish the list of websites who hosted this timer & respective count of atendees! :)

So here's mine. But there are plenty other websites joining the party!
(if you're reading this in an rss reader, jump on over to the website!)

To participate, just add this tiny script to your page:
<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

May this turn-of-page event bring you good fortune on your geeky endeavours!



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