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Yahoo! SearchMonkey sees microformats everywhere!

[Searchmonkey's nerdy face]

After a shy tweet amidst today's ruckus by whoever is behind account at twitter, I had to put this up here.

Yahoo! had talked the talk but they also walked the walk! You can now search pages with microformatted content! Just include the too long keyword:<format> in your search.
(read the blog post on YDN)

Not only that, there's already plenty results in the wild! Have a look at these numbers:

  1. hCard — 1,150,000,000 pages (!!!!!)
  2. hCalendar — 84,700,000 pages
  3. hReview — 43,300,000 pages
  4. hAtom — 304,000,000 pages
  5. xfn — 261,000,000 pages

Remember. These numbers represent number of pages with at least one occurrence of the chosen microformat. So, in reality, there's a lot more individual fragments of µfs out there!

Harness the power of semantic content

You can now search the hell out of these contents! Here's a few examples:


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