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Bad news for microformats

First of all, have yourself a wonderful 2008! Now, with that out of the way, let's get down to the matter at hand...

Last week Alex Faaborg broke the news to the Microformats-Discuss mailing list:

In order to maintain the current ship schedule for Firefox 3, we won't be exposing microformatted content in
the user interface.

—Alex Faaborg


He went on to say, though, that Firefox 3 will have a Microformats API implemented by Michael Kaply, who brought us the beloved Operator extension. For more on the mentioned API, you can take a peek at the Draft document.

<rant>Lots of people were/are expecting Firefox 3 to be the release where Microformats made the jump to an even bigger audience, so I'll try to be fair here; This sucks. Bad. I know it's not the end of the world, as there will be further releases and Alex said they wouldn' take as long as milestone 3, but after seeing some of the suggestions presented to the team (via uf-discuss), I was really anxious to see any of it coming in a browser out-of-the-box, because believe me, it makes a huge difference having to install an add-on.</rant>

Still, there's tremendous work being done to make FF3 a hell of a release, so don't give up on the Fox just yet. I know I won't.

They even got Mr. Hicks working on a new logo, again! Yay!


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